WELZ Brest was founded in December 1992 and its staff is composed of employees, who gained their vast experience working for Austrian Welz Internationale Spedition GmbH.

Our fields of activity include organisation of all general cargo, hazardous cargo (ADR), containerized, combined, refrigerated, overload and oversize transports:

  • by road,
  • by sea,
  • by rail,
  • by air.

Thanks to permanent contracts signed with transportations companies we have the following vehicles at our disposal in Belarus and abroad:

  • standard trailers of 13,6 m in length and the load capacity from 1,5 tons to 3,5 tons and 24 tons,
  • semi-trailer trucks with volume 100-120 cbm,
  • refrigerated semi-trailer trucks,
  • specialist semi-trailer trucks for transportation of oversized loads.

Our Belarus offices located in Brest and Mimsk provide full transportation and logistics services.

We offer short execution time. To provide a vehicle we need up to 48 h from the moment the order has been placed. Our freight rates are highly competitive.